On November 17th, Cover will be joining the Wampex again! This year two teams can participate. The Wampex is a puzzle route of about 25 km through the beautiful nature of Frysia. This route is a great opportunity to challenge your puzzle solving skills and endurance together with your team. As the walk starts in the evening (around 19:30), it may get really cold, so make sure you have enough warm clothes with you.

The costs to participate in the Wampex are (max.) €15,-. There will be coffee/tea at the start, 'koek en Zopie' half way the trip and 'snert' at the finish are included in the price.
Transportation to the location is your own responsibility.

Impressions as well as pictures can be found on wampex.nl (unfortunately, the website is Dutch only).

Team 1

  • Niek Naber
  • Tineke Jelsma
  • Kevin Gevers

Team 2

  • Nobody


  • Nobody